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Video of the 2017 PTK Tribal Camp in Bohol

International PTK Camp with almost 100 attendees from about 10 different countries spending time in one of Philippines' best islands for days of intensive training, travel, food and camaraderie. Pekiti Tirsia Kali Tribal Camp April 2017 -Panglao island, Bohol, Philippines Kali - (not known to many) is one of Philippines' greatest export product, it is a world class fighting system sought after by many military, law enforcement and civilians in different countries for its effectiveness, practicality and cultural background of the art. Through exposure in different Hollywood movies for fight stunt choreography and varied applications in the Mix Martial Arts world for the use of footwork and open hand slaps, Kali is getting its much deserved exposure and credit. PTK Tribal Camp is one way of showing the world what Kali is and how we train hard, enjoy and have fun with it. Video by Juan Iñigo Sandejas.

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